La Cima World Missions

Dangerous Faith In Action
James 2:26 – As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead
Dedicated To Medical And Dental Missions


Goals and Objectives:

-We Go There: Taking medical and dental care to places in need, regardless of risk. If The Call is there, so are we.

-Short-term Medical and Dental Teams: They entail day clinics in schools, churches, and fixed clinic sites.  Care is provided to those who would otherwise have limited or no access to such care

-Equip Hospitals and Clinics: As resources are available, we will assist hospitals and clinics by providing the most modern, functional, and effective equipment we are able

-Sponsor Continuing Education and Training: Of local physicians, and other healthcare workers, in an effort to elevate the standard of care

-Disaster Relief: When disaster strikes, we will draw on the professionals with whom we work to have a rapid response team that can provide emergency medical care, food, and shelter.  This will be coordinated through partner missionaries, NGOs, clinics, and hospitals

-Break Comfort Zones: Assist “first worlders” in expanding their personal lives as comfort zones are shattered and the fulfillment found in medical missions is experienced

La Cima’s Model

Our model is to function as part of a body.  We work with missionaries, NGOs, clinics, and hospitals that can benefit from the services provided by medical and dental teams, yet may not have the time nor expertise to deal with the logistical demands of planning and coordinating such teams.

We operate in a support role to maximize the efficiency of those “on the ground.”  We organize the teams and the partners organize the sites.  In doing this, need and treatment ability are matched for maximum effectiveness.

The destinations and missions are always changing as need and partners are identified around the globe.  The Call is never static.  We will continue to go where led.

You can be the answer to someone’s prayer as they, or a family member, suffers and wonders “from where will help come?”

Will you take the chance and step out in faith?  Will you walk into the unknown and allow God to work through you?  We need prayers, people, and financial support.  If you feel you could be a part of this experience, please contact us today.  A world in need awaits.

Statement of Belief

Man was separated from God by sin near the dawn of time.  God desired a relationship with us that is real and personal so He cast off His Godliness and became totally human in the form of His Son, Jesus Christ.  Jesus lived a perfect life without sin and fulfilled the Law of the Old Testament and every prophecy ever written about Him.

Jesus was crucified and died, paying the penalty for the sin of all mankind.  Three days following His death, Jesus defeated death itself and rose from the grave fully alive.  He ascended to heaven where He now sits at God’s right hand.

Following His ascent, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to dwell within each believer to help and guide us in accomplishing our part of the fulfillment of God’s will on earth.  Jesus will return to earth one day, and His return will be a day of judgment.

All who have accepted Him will live in eternity with Him.  All who rejected Him will be subject to an eternity in Hell because of their own decision.  To accept the gift of eternal life with Jesus, one must confess that one is a sinner and acknowledge that Jesus is the Son of God and the only source of redemption.

Then one must ask for forgiveness from sin and subsequently repent from that sin and follow the path in life dictated by the Word of God in the Holy Bible using Jesus Christ as the ultimate model

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